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A financial workshop attendee of mine, I will call her "Marsha" for privacy, recently shared this with me; "Having read your first book, can you create another along the same vain?" She asked me to focus on the details of my talk on "Living Rich" versus "Living Poor". Her observations were that it seemed many folks, (as I told it to her), were confused. Many seemed to "Live Poor" when they think they are "Living Rich". After reading my completed books, I asked her to comment on the content, and this is what she told me;
"I felt a warm walk through financial security, reading your books placed me right in the middle of the "garden of eden." - Marsha
You can have the same experience Marsha had right here -- see inside each book; Warmest Regards -Lois,
Live Rich Save Money! Budget Diary -- a planner for all

Live Rich Save Money! Budget Diary-- A Budget Planner for All

Live Rich Save Money! Money! Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways

Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways

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