68 Powerful Ways to Save Money


Live Rich Save Money; is a personal finance book for those interested in saving money, and learning how to save money the right way.

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68 Powerful Ways to Save Money

Thousands Are Saving Money Now Who Thought They Never Could!

Start saving money in as little as 60 days, with these 68 powerful ways to save money now as well as forever.

Most people can’t stand to waste money, because it is simply too hard to earn. Everyone complains about the cost of everything we are forced to buy, and also the cost of things we want to buy. But, they just can’t figure out a plan that works long term, to save and accumulate money. Working the step by step plan in this book will result in the feeling of getting; “free money” as you see the money in your budget go from waste to save. Most of us waste a significant amount of money, but because of numerous distractions in our life, we are not aware of it. This book will make you aware of money you can shift to save, secure, purchase things, and not waste.

What Is The Solution by Lois Center-Shabazz?

This savings plan is extremely easy to implement. You don’t have to use complicated formulas, or jump through all sorts of hoops. All you have to do is use the 68 powerful ways to save money in this book, gradually and consistently. The more the better, preferably work on one item daily or weekly, until you master all 68.

Live Rich Save Money, has you planning to save and saving your plans, which you write with my guidance. The step by step plan is simple; it contains graphs, references and research on saving, investing, and household and business budgeting that have already been done for you.

It is one of the most comprehensive money manuals on saving money, budgeting and debt reduction, you will ever use.

Everyone wants to save, but few ever achieve their goals, for lack of a workable guide. View this book as a mentor by your side. Before you know it, the financial turmoil in your life will become a peaceful ride into financial tranquility.

This Book Contains:

  •  68 ways to save money…You can implement and engage in your savings, investment and debt free plan with this guide, whether you make $5 an hour or $50,000 an hour.
  • Over 15 ways to find money hidden in your current budget—including a free printable Live Rich Diary to use daily.
  • Over 30 facts that unlock the secrets to saving money with mutual funds; in a savings account, college fund, investment account, or retirement accounts.
  • How to avoid predatory and deceptive debt
  • Several guidelines to avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud

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68 powerful ways to save money

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Live Rich, To Get Money and Keep It

Chapter 2   When Renting is Your Status, The Right Way and Wrong Way to Rent

Chapter 3   Your Home as a Savings, In the Long Run it Pays You

Chapter 4   The Value of Insurance, When Not Having the Right Kind Can Ruin Your Life Forever

Chapter 5   How Going to College Can Make You Poor Everyone Deserves an Education, But You Must Know Your Options

Chapter 6   Budgets Are Everything, Understand that Your Standard Budget Can Help You Live Rich.

Chapter 7   How to Avoid Becoming a Homeless Shopping Cart Retiree, It is More Common Than You Think.

Chapter 8   Mutual Fund Savings for Everyone, One of the Best Short and Long Term Solutions for Beginners and Busy People

Chapter 9   Using Your Savings and Retirement for Unintended Purposes is Simply Stupid, Thousands Have Regretted It.

Chapter 10  Secure Online Investment Accounts, The Easy Way to Understand and Track Your Money

Chapter 11   Scams and Schemes, Learn to Keep Your Hard Earned Assets

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68 powerful ways to save money
The Main Focus of Live Rich Save Money! 68 Powerful Ways to Save, Now and Forever

My book has caused some backlash. I have some financial predators criticizing me for exposing their predatory practices, fake mortgages, fake investment firms, fake investments, and legal investments with predatory issues. It all ends up leaving the buyer broke and the seller rich. Some go to jail, but a few actually get away with it. They have put me on notice for exposing them. I am putting you on notice to keep your money safe.

68 powerful ways to save money

Excerpt from the book — Live Rich Save Money! 68 Powerful Ways… :

On “Living Poor”
“The basic premise being “you are what you think you are”. If you think of yourself as “perpetually poor”, you will never dig yourself  out of debt. All it takes is a small spoon to get started. Eventually you will have a forklift full of financial success, and a life of peace and prosperity.

It always makes me sad when I see people who make a lot of money, but spend a lot more than they make, and they tell me they are saving nothing. Then the faucet is turned off. ”

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Live Rich, Lois