About; Author, Writer, and Live Rich Save Money Founder, Lois Center-Shabazz

Lois Center-Shabazz is a long time personal finance and savings advocate. She started writing about saving money and personal finances 25 years ago. She has amassed a successful financial life after saving, investing, and taking her own advice.

She has written “Let’s Get Financial Savvy! From Debt-Free to Investing With Ease” in 2002. Lois received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Self-Help category, for Let’s Get Financial Savvy!

Lois’  is a previous dentist, having practiced in San Diego for 20 years. She graduated college from the University of California for undergraduate studies, and dental school from Loma Linda University with a Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. Lois is also a webmaster and graphic designer.

She has previously held a financial license. Lois talks a lot of Mutual Fund Investing in her book because she has specialized in Mutual Fund Investing and research for a few decades. Her investments have been very successful. There are many other investments for you to consider as well.

Lois’  now writes personal finance books and articles full time, in addition to her nature photography and acrylic painting business.

Lois’ has since decided that the biggest problem Americans face is “Savings”. After the financial debacle of the past decade, it was evident “that too many Americans”, are living in “too much excess” and need to “learn how to save”, it is as simple as that. Hence, her newest book;

Live Rich Save Money! 68 Powerful Ways to Save Money, Now and Forever (2014)
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Lois’  Most Recent eBook is:
Live Rich Save Money! Budget Diary (2014)
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Lois other websites are: artbazz.com (Painting), artbazz.net (Photography), and artbazz.org (art education)

Too Many Americans, Carry Too Much Debt - Live Rich,Lois