Budget Your Savings

Learn 101 ways to budget your savings at live rich save money website.

Financial Tips for Five Career Changes

Finances are at the top of everyone’s minds these days. You can’t listen to the news or read the newspaper without hearing some mention of the economy. Those who are contemplating career changes or soon to be—may already be stressed out by financial issues. A couple of financial advisors provided five tips on financial management for those who are in the middle of career changes at our, Career Networking Group.  1) Write Down Your Monthly Budget, Maintain a Budget Booklet Budget: This is a scary and painful word for some people but having a written budget ...

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How to Save Money on Urgent Needs and How to Save Money on Food

If you are a regular spender or shopaholic always in need of money at the end of the month, then you are probably in desperate need to find out how to save money fast! Everything is becoming expensive, with products practically selling themselves, and tempting you to buy in every way possible. Your credit card debt is overflowing, and burning a hole in your pocket. It is time for you to start figuring out a way to save fast. The following are helpful tips to teach you how to save money fast:   Saving starts with you- Make your mind up to think savings. Stop and ...

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