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Tax preparation and tax preparer selection is not all that difficult, but there are those who make it difficult by not adhering to a few simple rules. Avoid tax fraud by choosing your tax preparer carefully, and carefully communicating with that preparer once he or she is chosen. You can pay taxes online and online with the new IRS systems. The IRS defines someone who is an Abusive Tax Preparer as someone who prepares fraudulent or abusive tax returns for compensation. Here are some of the ways they prepare false tax returns that are easily detected by the IRS. They ...

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Is Tax Evasion a Legal Option for those who don’t like taxes?

A “Tax” is a compulsory payment imposed or levied upon a taxpayer by their state, federal, or local governments, against their income, goods, or services. This compulsory payment is resented by some taxpayers to the degree, which they resort to tax evasion. The word tax evasion is often misunderstood as tax fraud or penalty, but tax evasion is a totally different term, having a different role in the scheme of “all things taxed”. Every resident of the United States, having an income or gain by any means owes a certain tax liability to its Tax Revenue Offices, and ...

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How to Avoid a Tax Levy

Millions of individuals living in the United States are often haunted by one single question ‘How to avoid a tax levy? But unfortunately, each one of them is clueless about how and what constitutes a tax levy and spend their entire lives fearing the consequences of this particular situation. Every citizen of the United States must understand that a tax levy is one of the most important and relevant administrative procedures carried on by the IRS, aka, the Internal Revenue Service under statutory authority. There is a special category of individuals who get the misfort...

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