Student's Save Money

Students learn to save money on college and grammer school supplies.

What Are the Best Jobs for 2015 and the Worst Jobs?

According to Us News and World Report, the best jobs for 2015 are stated below, but I do not agree. My opinion is based on my personal experience and that of many of my colleagues. In particular, I do not agree with Dentist as number one, and Physician as number four. The Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant, and computer jobs, I do agree are top fields considering the preparation time coupled with the income. US News & World Report List Best Jobs Ratings As: 1. Dentist 2. Nurse Practitioner 3. Software Developer 4. Physician 5. Dental Hygienist 6. ...

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The Most Affordable Colleges May Be In Your Hometown and Scholarships for College

What do we mean when we say the most affordable colleges, and You Can Find Scholarships for College   It is a known fact that good things do not come cheap. The simple answer is, no they do not. Then how can we look for a college that is cheap? After all, college is a place at which we begin to nurture and grow as an individual. It forms the first stepping stone of our bright career. Here the word is not cheap, but affordable. There is a radical difference between the two. When we look for a college there are a number of criteria and benchmarks that we have in ...

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How to Save Money When You Are A College Student

Every student must have come across the question,  ‘how to save money when you are a college student?’, at different times during their wonderful college years. College is all about making new friends, acquiring a quality education, and having a great time. But a lack of financial "unawareness" on your part, can make it a period of  full  financial crises. Every student entering college arrives with a dream of collegiate success, but in fact, there are only a  few who succeed, since others let financial hardship get in their way. The reason for this disparity ...

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