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Interview The Woman Who Cracked the Money Saving Code

Chesapeake, Virginia (October 15, 2016) Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz is a career personal finance and savings advocate who has been writing about personal finance for twenty-five years. Her philosophy about money is that people in all income categories, from low to high, can live rich and save money at the same time. She explains how to do that on her comprehensive websites;

LiveRichSaveMoney.com, LiveRichCalculators.com, and MsFinancialSavvy.com

The sites focus on concepts from saving money to small business ideas and many issues in between – also covering a full range of budgeting and money tools.

Dr. Center-Shabazz is a multi-faceted person who combines the life experience she gained as a practicing dentist, financial blogger, money coach, and artist, to develop the methods which enabled her to achieve a successful financial life. She has done that by saving, investing and following her own advice. She teaches the same financial concepts to low-income and wealthy people.

When asked why, Lois says,

“Many poor people will not stay poor and need to learn money management going forward. Wealthy people many times become poor because they don’t understand money and its secure uses. Some simply get scammed out of their money due to lack of financial knowledge and trusting scandalous people who prey on unsuspecting wealthy people”

Currently, she is a full-time writer, blogger, money coach, and artist, who practiced as a dentist in San Diego for 20 years. She did her undergraduate work at the University of California and has a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Loma Linda University. In 2002 Lois received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Self-Help category for her personal finance book, “Let’s Get Financial Savvy! From Debt-Free to Investing with Ease”. Her most recent books can be found at, MsFinancialSavvy

“Live Rich Save Money! 68 Powerful Ways to Save Money, Now and Forever” (Amazon Kindle) 2015 and;

“Live Rich Save Money! Learn Investing, From Stocks to Mutual Fund Research in 47 Wonderful Ways” (Amazon Kindle) 2015

“Live Rich Save Money! Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways ” (Amazon Kindle) 2015

“Live Rich Save Money! From Student Loans to Car Maintenance Tips, 9 Wonderful Ways to Save ” (Amazon Kindle) 2015

“Live Rich Save Money! Easy Budget Planner” 2016 (eBook from her website).

Read more about her eBooks at MsFinancialSavvy, and her Easy Budget Planner, Here

Dr. Center-Shabazz says that at least 70% of people who “Live Rich” employ her techniques. Some of those show how:

  • To find savings you thought you never had.
  • To change your mind about money and not fear of learning new things.
  • “Really” rich people live with money.
  • There are many effective ways to improve your life.
  • To manage money using her “Easy Budget Planner”.

Her two personal finance websites are; LiveRichSaveMoney.com featuring personal finance tips for all, and her MsFinancialSavvy.com webiste that is focused on personal finance tips for women and girls.

Lois has been featured as a personal finance expert in several national publications including Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, Network Journal Magazines, and several local newspapers including her own Virginian-Pilot of Southern Virginia. She has lectured extensively on the topic of Personal Finance.

The key message in LiveRichSaveMoney.com and MsFinancialSavvy.com is that since there really is more than one way to improve a life situation if there’s change you really want, there is no reason to avoid exploring ways to accomplish that change.

For more information on the suggestions Dr. Center-Shabazz has for doing this, visit www.liverichsavemoney.com. For the fastest response, email interview request, via the contact form on the website, or call and leave a message, subject line-interview. Find her books on her sister website.

Lois displays her acrylic paintings at www.artbazz.com, and her photography at www.artbazz.net

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Media contact: Lois Center-Shabazz

Website: www.LiveRichSaveMoney.com | www.MsFinancialSavvy.com
email:  media@cennetsystems.com

P.O. Box 1385
Chesapeake, VA. 23327-1385
Live Rich Save Money! | MsFinancialSavvy

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