The Devastation of American Life Without Health care

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There has been a lot of debate about the government provided health care coverage¬†in the United States. Who would have thought there would ever have been a debate about saving lives? With the uninsured rate sky rocking from 2 million in the 1970’s to over 50 million (uninsured and under-insured), before the government sponsored health coverage began. We would have thought everyone would have been ecstatic about its lifesaving function. After all, the politicians who don’t agree with it get government sponsored paychecks, pensions and health care.


There are many reasons health care is important; it encourages Americans to visit the doctor on a regular basis and go to the hospital when needed. What happens when you have no health care and no other way to pay when you go to the hospital. There are a few devastating things that can happen. First of all, many uninsured will stay away from doctors and hospitals when they are sick, and continue to get worsen. But, equally devastating is the financial aspect, if you own a home, they can eventually place a lien on your home and do a forced sell to pay a large unpaid hospital balance. They can also get a court order to garnish your check for payment. Now, would you rather have government sponsored health care, (with subsidies, to help for payment, if you make under $50,000), or would you rather lose all of your assets for (potentially) the rest of your life.


I spoke with a small businessman about health care. He has 3000 employees nationwide. He was really upset he had to provide health care for his employees, initially. Then, he complied, and went into shock. His employee attendance rate increased by 50% immediately. His employee morale increased drastically. He was happy to find out he also received a subsidy to help with the payments. It was a win-win situation for everyone involved. His best surprise was that health care worked wonders on his business bottom line, despite his previous misgivings. His employees revealed they stayed home with the slightest illness because they were afraid to get sick. They could not afford to go to the doctor or hospital, without the fear of either being turned away or financially devastated as a result of treatment.


Another health care scenario is that of a physician I spoke to who worked in the emergency room for 6 years. He said the first person to usually see the incoming patient is the insurance person, if not immediately, soon after arrival. He witnessed one of three things: The person was given no treatment if they had no insurance and appeared to be ok, or band aid treatment, that is enough to make them comfortable and safe at the moment, if they had no insurance. Or, treatment with a huge bill sent to them if they had a job or home. Before the Affordable Health Care Insurance, a few patients were
treated and given the government hospital subsidy if they qualified.


I am trying to establish a pattern why you need to have health insurance if you are uninsured or under-insured (many individual plans will place you in the under-insured category without your knowledge), and be grateful that you have affordable government options if you get sick, just as the politicians have. The companies providing the coverage are private insurance companies.


The affordable health care insurance is for those who don’t have health insurance, or are under-insured. It will provide yearly physicals and health maintenance procedures like mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears, and physicals to help maintain your health or catch problems when they are small and treatable. You will also be covered for hospital room and board, as well as hospital procedures. Concentrate on low deductible and low payment insurance plans to keep it affordable for you and your family.

Update 2016
For health care you can get coverage that starts January 1, 2016 if you sign up by December 15, 2015, you have until January 31 to get covered for the coming year.


If you loose your job, get divorced or loose your insurance, you may be able to sign up any time. You may also need to re-sign if you
move to a different state.

Go to to sign up or call the 800# at 1-800-318-2596 for questions or find out where you can be signed up locally. Or, find local help by going to a section of the Here is the webpage for local help in signing up: Local Help to Sign Up

Here is the health care webpage: Affordable Health Care Website

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