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Money Saving Tips From Money Coach, Lois

Award Winning Author – Lois Center-Shabazz, Can Navigate You Through The Difficult Maze of Maximum Money Management, Showing You The Best Way to Save Money and Manage Major Life Obstacles.



Understand money management from getting debt-free to investing basics. You have 4 courses to choose from with a minimum requirement of 3. Her Money saving tips will set you free in ways you never dreamed of.



Lois received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award For Non-Fiction in Personal Finance in 2002. She has been featured in numerous magazines, television, and radio shows. She is the author of six personal finance books, loaded full of money saving tips, including advice on how to invest and get out of debt.


“You Debt Worth is Not Your Net Worth”


You have read my books, now let’s take it to the next level, with the details for growth. This is only for those who are serious about  money, your future, and your time.


Money Saving Tips, School Loans, How to Invest, Get Out of Debt

Money Saving Tips

“Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, it Grows in Your Bank Account”



COURSE 1 —  3 hours

Debt Free Methods

There are many ways to get out of debt. I will coach you through ways specific to you
that will get you on the road to financial serenity through a low or no debt life.


COURSE 23 hours

Investing Basics Course Can  Bring You Out of The Dark and Teach You How to Invest With Basic Understanding

Learn the investing basics from your savings to your 401K

Understand how to read investment reports in stocks, mutual funds, etf’s

Know that you can grow your money over time if you understand what you or your advisor is doing with your money


COURSE 3 — 3 hours

Save Money Now With My Money Saving Tips Course

Many people borrow to oblivion, because they either have a spending addiction for things they don’t need


They don’t understand that no matter how much you make you can save money with your income.

Learn that you can save and how


COURSE 4 3 hours

School Loans The Right Way
Home Refinance The Right Way
Buying a Home The Right Way

My experience with school loans – I want you to avoid

Learn to analyze colleges or tech schools to get the most bang for your buck

Learn to analyze school loan offers

There is a right way and a wrong way to refinance your home

Now that you have read my eBooks you are entitled to become a coaching client of mine, so let’s get started!


“The Essence of all Growth is the Willingness
to Change…and Embracing Responsibility
That Comes With it.”


Courses — $800 each, Minimum – 3 Courses, for a discount of $600 each – $1800

(9 hours over 3 days — 1 day each for 3 weeks).

Includes: Telephone coaching – Online  coaching – Free Budget Planner and Follow up for 1 month


Or The Full Course – 4 in all

Courses — $800 each, Minimum – 4 Courses, for a discount of $600 each – $2400
(12 hours over 3 days — 1 day each for 4 weeks).

Includes: Telephone coaching – Online  coaching – Free Budget Planner and Follow up for 1 month


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Add to Cart 1800. –3 Courses | OR 3 Payments at $600 per month Add to Cart 3


Add to Cart 2400. 4 Courses | OR 4 payments at $600. per month Add to Cart 4