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Award Winning Personal Finance Author Lois Center-Shabazz Releases New Book Featuring 17 Money-saving Steps to Live Debt Free

‘Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways’ is the third in the ‘Live Rich Save Money’ series

(24/7PressRelease) Chesapeake, Virginia (July 27, 2015) – Author and personal finance guru Dr. Lois Center-Shabazz announces the release of a new book in the ‘Live Rich Save Money’ series, featuring 17 proven steps to become debt free and build financial wealth.

Entitled ‘Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways’, the book targets anyone who wants to find financial freedom, especially recent college graduates burdened with crippling student loan debt. Featuring simple, easy to implement principles for financial success, the book will also have significant benefit for heads of households, single parents, and families who want to get out of debt and enjoy peace of mind from excessive bill payments. Using 12 colorful charts, the book provides valuable information to guide readers through the detailed steps to become debt free, and how to apply money saving techniques and principles to their financial decisions.

“This is the most easy to understand debt-free book on the market for people who are pulling themselves out of debt, particularly during this difficult economic period after the recent housing and job collapse. With this book, you will get uncomplicated advice and learn to take gradual steps that will help you live a debt free life,” says Dr. Shabazz.

The book is the second in the financial education series Live Rich Save Money! by Dr. Shabazz, whose own personal finance experience was borne out of excessive student loans and credit card debt, as well as living on a budget while starting a small business. A former dentist, she previously held a financial license and, in 2014, authored the first book in the Live Rich Save Money! series entitled ‘68 Powerful Ways to Save Money, Now and Forever’. On July 28 and 29 2015, her book hit #1 on amazon in three categories, self-help, business and money, and personal success.
‘Get Out of Debt Forever in 17 Amazing Ways’ features a colorful cover as a symbol of the bright future readers will experience after getting out of debt. The book is currently available on Kindle or Kindle Apps on other devices.

About the author

Lois Center-Shabazz is a long time personal finance and savings advocate, who started writing about saving money and personal finances 25 years ago. During this time, she has amassed a successful financial life after saving, investing, and taking her own advice. Dr. Center-Shabazz now writes personal finance books and articles full time, and is the author of “Let’s Get Financial Savvy! From Debt-Free to Investing With Ease” published in 2002, for which she received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Self-Help category.  Prior to launching her writing career, Dr. Center-Shabazz ran a successful dental practice in San Diego for several years.

Media contact: Lois Center-Shabazz


P.O. Box 1385
Chesapeake, VA. 23327-1385

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