Ways to Save Money With an Online Calculator

Do you need information about saving money, budgeting, renting or buying a home? Do your research, and start by
using online calculator. Live Rich Calculators has calculators which will help you calculate to stay financially
solvent, in case of a job loss, or other financial tragedy. The most important calculators to stay financially
solvent are savings, budgeting and home rent or own calculators. The “rent or own” calculator is significant
because it tells you if you should keep renting, or if you are ready to buy a home. The foreclosures have been
very high in the past because many of the people who owned, were not ready, and when the economy went down,
their budget went down with it. That included loosing their home.

Every homeowner should have payments well below their income level along with at least 3 years of payments in
the bank, should they loose their primary income, they will not loose their home. These online calculator functions
will help you to define a permanently viable healthy financial.

Ways to Save Money With an Online Calculator

Savings Calculators

Use our savings calculators to guide you into savings. When the economy dumps as it has in the past several years,
it is important to have money on the side to pay bills in case of job loose. Below our savings goal calculator,
monthly deposit savings calculators that will guide you to save effectively.

Savings Goal Calculator

Use this savings goal financial  calculator to figure how much your current savings will grow and how
much more you’ll need to save each month in order to achieve a given savings goal within a given number
of years. Start with Line one and enter your future savings goal.

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Monthly Deposit Savings Calculator

To calculate the future value of a monthly investment, enter the beginning balance, the monthly dollar amount
you plan to deposit, the interest rate you expect to earn, and the number of years you expect to continue
making monthly deposits, then click the “compute” button.

Budgeting Calculators

A common question financially dysfunctional people ask is, “what is a budget”?. Many people don’t understand
what a budget is because 1. Their parents did not teach them budgeting skills, 2. They were downright
spoiled and therefore were not required to live within a budget of any kind, 3. You made a conscious decision
that you can live without a budget, or 4. You haven’t seen the devastation caused by not living on a budget.
No matter what the case, our budgeting calculators can help you. Listed below are our budget percentage
calculator and our rent or own calculator.

Budget Percent Calculator

These budget percentages are only recommended percentages and will change dramatically if you have
a very high or very low income. For instance, if you have a very low income your necessary percentages will be
high. If you have a high income, your necessities will be a lower percentage of income and hopefully savings
(not debt) will be higher than recommended.

Rent or Own Calculator

It is always great to buy a home and live happily ever after. The problem is, if you purchase a home before you
are ready, the likely-hood of foreclosure is great. Buy a home when you can afford to buy; with an affordable
down-payment, closing cost, and an affordable monthly payment of principle, interest, taxes and insurance.
During the foreclosure crises there were people who bought a home under the “no docs” system that allowed
buyers to “state” their bills and employment. Many people lied, purchased homes they could not pay for, and
were subsequently foreclosed on. Keep your rent affordable, keep bills low, save money for emergencies, save
a down payment, pay your school loans, and buy only when you can afford to. Learn more with
our rent or own online calculator.


Weight Loss Calculator

Great weight loss programs start with great weight loss plans and a weight loss planning calculator. You can
have rapid weight loss if you know where to start. Understand your caloric intake now, and what you will need
for the weight loss plans you want to use. This weight loss planning calculator is great now and to maintain
weight loss after you obtain your goal, this weight loss planning calculator is a must.


Mortgage Qualification Calculator

This mortgage qualification calculator, also known as a mortgage calculator, will give you information most
mortgages companies don’t want you to have. The answer to the question, What is my real mortgage qualification?
Most mortgage companies over estimate your “real” affordability so they can sell you the most expensive home
possible, and therefore they will get the highest commissions. When most folks decide to buy a home, they call up
“any mortgage company” and say, “I need to get qualified for a mortgage, I am buying a home”. That’s not the first
thing to do. But, that is why a lot of unsuspecting home buyers of the past decade were given the bad
“interest only” loans, that put them in foreclosure. Many had good credit, good down payments and a great
ability to pay a quality home loan. The problem was they did not do their research before they started. First start
with researching types of mortgages, what is wrong with some types of mortgages, then research mortgage
companies. Then, call honest and qualified mortgage specialists. Use this online calculator for your mortgage


Accelerated Debt Payoff Calculator

Is this debt payoff calculator just what the doctor ordered? Pay off those pesky bills quickly, get out of debt, and
get your blood pressure down. This debt payoff calculator will show you how.

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